Name Description
GNT Consulting Lda (Geonatour) GNT is dedicated to geotechnical studies, environmental impact and geological tourism.
Honorable Place, Lda (THRML) THRML is dedicated to developing energy efficient solutions for industrial and commercial applications.
IHCare - Innovation Hospital Care, S.A IHCare is dedicated to the research, development and implementation of innovative technological solutions in healthcare.
Jupiterlight Solutions, Unipessoal, Lda Jupiterlight is dedicated to developing innovative technology solutions for healthcare, oil and gas, retail, telecommunications and energy.
Linguae, Lda Linguae is dedicated to developing digital payment solutions.
Master Med Cannabis, Lda Master Med Cannabis will use state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to grow high-quality medical cannabis for use in the medical sector.
Mirasystems, Lda Mirasystems is dedicated to the investigation, design, development, manufacture, marketing, import and export of products and equipment related to the engineering of steel structures, testing activities, monitoring and technical analysis and consulting and training in engineering.
Phialpe Phialpe is dedicated to the development of a production process of the natural fibres of the Cane Kingdom (Arundo donax) based on sustainable requirements, in order to create a positive impact on society, economy and a lower impact on the environment.
Primelayer, Unipessoal, Lda Primelayer is dedicated to the development of Decision Support technologies through Geographical Information Systems with Artificial Intelligence.
Real Vines The Real Vines Project is dedicated to the development and promotion of experiences linked to the vineyard and wine sector, including olive groves.