Physical incubation

HIESE provides exclusive and shared physical spaces (co-work) for the installation of the companies, properly infrastructured with electricity, voice and data communications networks and water supply in some rooms.

Exclusive office space includes:

Electricity up to the power limit set by the management entity

Access to fixed telephone services with individualized accounts

Office furniture consisting of desks, chairs and cabinets

Maintenance and cleaning of common areas and outdoor spaces

Video surveillance system and intruder alarm

Access to internet

The rooms available for physical incubation have 24, 25, or 35 square meters. The prices are as follows (value added tax of 23% not included):


Co-work space for companies that need to have a small working-space, even if shared with other business projects. The prices for the co-work space are (value added tax of 23% not included):

Modality Weekly fee Mensal fee
Co-work 8,00 € 30,00 €

Virtual Incubation

The Virtual Incubation provides a similar range of services and facilities to the Physical Incubation, except for those relating to the exclusive occupation of incubation spaces. Virtual incubation has the following prices (plus IVA at the standard rate):

Modality Mensal fee
Virtual Incubation Start 25,00 €
Virtual Incubation Follow-up 25,00 €

Rules of procedure