Name Description
ABA - Associação de Bioenergia Avançada ABA is a non-profit association representing the interests of advanced biofuel operators throughout the value chain. It promotes advanced fuel bioenergy as a sustainable and viable means of reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.
About Aqua Food Company of valorization of invasive species and production of algae.
ActionLive, Lda. ActionLive is dedicated to providing accounting, training, consulting, occupational safety and health and HACCP services.
BioTeaFood A distribution company with exclusive representation of some brands. Our goal is to offer a range and products of high quality and proven effectiveness that reflect love and respect for people and the planet.
BizBold Cyber security and Outsourcing company.
EcoXperience Ecoxperience is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of ecological detergents made from waste (used cooking oil and fats).
Entregou.Com Web solutions (paas / saas) for logistical dematerialisation.
Expertree Adventure sports company, tree climbing, event organization and sports consultancy.
Geonatour Geotechnical studies, environmental impact and geological tourism company
Ihcare Your partner for innovative healthcare solutions.