Name Description
Verdade D Imaginação (Lumiére) The Lumiere project aims, through the use of virtual reality, to combat isolation, depression, stress and chronic pain.
Viridius Technology, Unipessoal Lda Viridius is dedicated to the research, development, production and marketing of innovative products and systems designed for the autonomous harvesting of fruit and vegetables. At the epicentre of its mission is a commitment to revolutionizing agriculture by providing advanced solutions that transform and optimize the harvesting process.
Wise Shape, Lda Wiseshape is dedicated to the development and marketing of tanks produced in cement composite material which combine the durability and ease of maintenance of stainless steel tanks with the greater permeability and lower thermal conductivity of wooden tanks.
Wocadi, Lda Wocadi is dedicated to marketing equipment and diagnostic solutions, where diagnosis can be made by any health professional, or even by the user himself (self testing). These equipments are easy to use and have a quick analysis response (Point of Care), which allows a decentralized diagnosis.
Ytravel, Lda - A2Z Consulting Ytravel is dedicated to the development and marketing of tourism products and services that provide experiences and emotions, in harmony with nature and local communities in a sustainable way.