Name Description
Minhós de Almeida & Arnaut Arquitectos, Lda (Há Atelier) Há Atelier is a company that stands out on the architecture, urbanism and design scene, dedicated to developing innovative solutions that are intrinsically linked to cultural research.
Mirasystems, Lda Mirasystems is dedicated to the investigation, design, development, manufacture, marketing, import and export of products and equipment related to the engineering of steel structures, testing activities, monitoring and technical analysis and consulting and training in engineering.
Positive Dinosaur (IT-XO) IT-XO develops and sells software and consultancy services in the ICT area.
Primelayer, Unipessoal, Lda Primelayer is dedicated to the development of advanced Decision Support technologies, specializing in the integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company stands out for offering innovative solutions that enhance analysis and decision-making through spatial data and intelligent algorithms.
Probridge, Lda Probridge is a company specializing in engineering services, with a dedicated focus on the areas of construction and rehabilitation. With a technical approach, the company stands out for its ability to offer innovative solutions that range from planning to execution of complex projects.
Real Vines The Real Vines Project is dedicated to developing and promoting authentic and enriching experiences in the vineyard, wine and olive grove sector. With a commitment to providing unique experiences, it stands out for offering an immersive dive into the world of viticulture and olive oil production.
S&DG Consulting, Unipessoal, Lda S&DG is dedicated to developing innovative energy storage solutions. With a vision for the future and a commitment to sustainability, the company stands out for its expertise in creating technologies that boost energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energies.
Science 351 - Disruptive & Sustainable R&D Innovations, Lda Science351 is dedicated to developing innovative solutions in the fields of nanotechnology, chemistry-physics, engineering and biotechnology. At the heart of its mission is the drive to catalyze business development and tackle societal challenges through innovation, technology transfer and the application of scientific and technical knowledge.
Streamwhale, Lda Streamwhale is a company dedicated to developing innovative digital solutions, with a specific focus on virtual assets. With a forward-looking vision and a technology-centered approach, the company stands out for its expertise in creating engaging digital experiences and innovative functionalities based on virtual assets.
Unibrapo, Lda Biotechnology for Natural Fertilizers