Name Description
ABA - Associação de Bioenergia Avançada The ABA - Advanced Bioenergy Association is a non-profit organization committed to promoting and representing the interests of operators involved in the field of advanced biofuels. The ABA plays a crucial role throughout the value chain, aiming to boost the adoption of advanced bioenergy in fuels.
About Aqua Food, Lda About Aqua Food is a startup that operates in the agro-industrial sector through the valorization of invasive species and the production of microalgae for food.
Adama Lavoura Vertical Adama Vertical Farming is a project that uses vertical farming methods to produce and commercialise organic food.
Agrofuturo Agrofuturo is a start-up in the agro-industrial sector and stands out for its sustainable approach to hydroponic cultivation.
APIN - Empresa Intermunicipal de Ambiente do Pinhal Interior - EIM, SA APIN is a company dedicated to the management of water, sanitation and urban solid waste (USW) in 11 municipalities in Pinhal Interior.
BARAD (Protégé) Protégé is dedicated to the development and marketing of mineral-based sunscreen, integrating wearable technology to offer a comprehensive approach to sun protection.
BioTeaFood, Lda Bioteafood is a company dedicated to representing, training and marketing leading brands of organic products. Specializing in the organic products segment, the company's mission is to facilitate consumer access to products that stand out for their quality and commitment to sustainable practices.
BizBold - Outsourcing Services, Lda Bizbold is a company that specializes in outsourcing services, standing out in the human resources, services and cybersecurity segments, providing ready-made and adaptable solutions.
Contos & Tradições Contos & Tradições is a company dedicated to creating and selling exclusive products made from wool. The company stands out for its artisanal approach, preserving traditions and techniques that guarantee the uniqueness of each piece produced.
EcoXperience, Lda Ecoxperience is a company committed to sustainability, specializing in the development and marketing of innovative ecological detergents. The company's uniqueness lies in its environmentally conscious approach, using raw materials from waste, such as used cooking oil, to create ecologically responsible cleaning products.